Sleep Apnea Treatment

Dr. Steven Airey provides oral appliances to help treat sleep apnea so that you can get the rest you need and improve your health and quality of life. Oral appliances are often recommended for mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea, and they work to help you breathe easily while asleep. They are an alternative to CPAP machines and can be used for those who have trouble with bulky hoses and headgear. To learn more about the benefits of sleep apnea treatment in Boone, North Carolina, and schedule your consultation with our dentist, please contact Absolute Sleep of the Carolinas today at 828-832-8081.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Get the rest you need to stay healthy with sleep apnea treatment! We are committed to helping you enjoy a healthier, longer life. Contact our office today to schedule your personal consultation with our dentist and find out more about how sleep apnea treatment can benefit you.